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In the UK we're continuing to face increasing social challenges, such as an ageing population and growing diversity within our local communities. Getting involved in music can present a wealth of opportunities - helping us to break down barriers; providing a variety of educational opportunities as well as helping us to find ways to integrate many diverse and minority groups positively into our society.

Playing a musical instrument can provide a real sense of personal achievement or could allow parents to experience that unique feeling of pride - hearing and seeing their children perform. At MfA we're passionate about helping people to find ways to understand and experience the enjoyment and benefits of playing music.


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i want some taxi hip hop

saw this today with pops. gotta love it when people walk out, disgusted, while i am thoroughly enjoying myself. "you're crushing my smokes!" Canadian film complete with cameo from Rob Wells a.k.a. Ricky from TPB. Bow!

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track six off Hella Novellas produced by @LoganForeal. new release date announced very soon. apologies for the tardiness but then again… is free. the project got more support than i anticipated and once everything is in order i can proceed to drop this mothrefucker on your skull. marinate on this fireball until then. love ya

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Hella Novellas New Artwork



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These are my friends.


Looking nothing like the troubled character he plays on Mad Men, a very bearded and very jovial Jon Hamm learns about the letter “O” with Murray Monster in this video posted by Sesame Street.

Jon Hamm claims he’s pretty good at the alphabet, that he knows all of his letters, consonants and vowels and all. Murray wanted to give him a test. The test was all about the letter O. It turns out Jon Hamm is a letter O expert!

These are my friends.

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a little taste of things to come. filmed and edited by Static Jon and DJ Combsy. Hella Novellas!